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Best of California


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dare I say it....California Dreamin'! Our state is rich with culture, history, scenery and FOOD! All the items included in this gift are from our wonderful state of California. 

Wood Crate includes:


  • Popcorn
  • Torn Ranch Cashews 3.5oz
  • Tucci Vin Wine Infused Cookies 4oz
  • Rustic Baking Company Flatbread 6oz 
  • Napa Cakes Panforte 8oz
  • Bart & Judy's Best Chocolate Chip Cookes in the world 4.2oz
  • Butter Cream Caramels 2.5oz
  • Napa Valley Tapenade 9oz
  • Torn Ranch Dried Apricots 5oz
  • California Pistachios