Back to School 9-13-10

Posted September 13 2010

Gifts for students young and old.
Parents…now that everybody is back in school…

Pre-school – kindergarten – middle-school – high-school – college….your job as parent is just beginning.
That first day… and the weeks that follow can be scary, challenging, humdrum or joyous…it all depends.

Just because there are new pencils, clothes and backpacks do not guarantee that the first day or the first few weeks will be without trauma. A friend of mine has a gran-daughter that was so overwhelmed on her first day at kindergarten she left the school yard to head home. Poor baby…she to the surprise of her mom arrived home in a police car. Not a day that will ever be forgotten by Kelly or her family. Love is the first gift to deliver, and then a little surprise in a lunch-box or some fun gift for Kelly when she comes home from school will help make everything easier.

In the lunch box a paper heart that says I love you, for a little boy a special cookie with happy-face icing.

Remember, getting a gift makes us feel special. What better time than now?