Donations Make Me happy

Posted May 13 2014

Being the owner of a gift basket company AND being a Mom I am OFTEN asked if I can do donation baskets. I've organized and done so many fundraisers for my children's pre-schools and Elementary Schools. To toot my own horn it does make a huge difference when you have a "professional" do them. I think having the offering wrapped and presented beautifully does make a big difference and gets people to bid higher or buy more raffle tickets. 

I don't just stop at my own kids schools, oh no, I am asked by friends who's kids go to different schools or who are behind different charities. I am not the type to say no, so of course I do them. I really don't mind and think maybe I'll get a client or two out of it.

Anyway a friend asked me this year and last to do her son's preschool silent auction baskets. These baskets were by far the biggest I've done. I do them not expecting anything other than appreciation from my friends. This friend in particular was very grateful and took my family with her to Disneyland! What a treat! This was no ordinary trip to Disneyland, this was Club 33 Disneyland! Wow! We had a tour host for 8 hours, that means FastPass or front of the line for all the rides! We arrived at 11am and left at 9pm. In that time we did 15 rides. Not just the teacups but the good ones! The highlight had to be riding Space Mountain, getting off, looping around and going on AGAIN!

Thank you to my friend, who shall remain nameless...but you know who you are! I don't think I can ever go back to Disneyland again. It just won't be the same :(