Cookies to Go Wagon

Posted November 25 2012
Sixteen year old Antonio Pasin dreamed of a new beginning in America. His family sold their mule to help pay for his voyage from Italy to the states, and before long, Pasin made his way to Chicago where he looked for work as a cabinet-maker. He had little success finding work, and became a water boy for the sewer digging crew. In 1917 after several jobs he saved enough money to purchase used wood working equipment and rented a one-room workshop where he began making wagons. The rest is history. First the wooden wagon then the classic red steel wagon. Radio Flyer as a brand name was launched in the early 30's. Pasin named his first steel wagon the Radio Flyer, after his fascination with the invention of the radio and the wonderment of flight.
Over the past sixteen years Star Treatment, has used the little red Radio Flyer to deliver "Cookies to Go" plus a collection of custom baskets filled with books, toys, candy or as a container that suited our clients needs.